Brick Classic - Block Puzzle App Reviews

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Like Tetris

Fun game like Tetris with swipe controls. Pretty hard.

Great puzzle game app

Really recommned game app! Thank you★


This game is fantastic, very funny, i like it, good job, will recommend to all my friends 👍 Congrats!


I like classic game. I was holding the blockpuzzle all day when I was child. It was interesting to play a similar game after a long time.

Fantastic game!

I loved it! This game is highly addictive! My whole family is playing game! Congratulations! Recommended!

Simple and addictiv👍🏻

Nice color and easy to control. Good for time killing! :)

Looks good

The game has a nice clean design to it. The controls seem unresponsive at times especially when trying to rotate blocks, otherwise it is a good game.

Great gameplay on phone

It's been addictive so far, Some repetitive moves and action but all around fun fighting game on a phone!! Definitely must try out and addictive enough to keep you entertained

Nice puzzle game

It's a puzzle game I just love it and very enjoyable for me I'm playing this game jut a few day it's amazing waiting for next update.


Its very nice game i like playing this awesome game very nice graphics and features its work smoothly on my phone good job

Classic game

It's the classic game that I play from the childhood. I like to play it and my brain can be practiced.

Good game

But the touch should not be good. Is it right to go down fast when I slide down? And the color of the background is sore...


I like the user interface, easy and intuitive! Fun app!

Works very fine

Very addictive game of blocks. I like playing this very much. Interesting gameplay.

Awesome concept

I play this game very much in free time. Good graphics and concept of this game

cool game

brick classic is very interesting for me. I love it. I will recommend to all my friends. Good job developer

Amazing game

This game was so awesome. It's really cool and features are so good. I really enjoyed this game. It's so addicting game. It's very easy to play and it's addicting also.

Build it

Lovely game, i like it since my childhood.. building blocks and getting scores. Always fun with good graphics.

Easy game

One of the easiest brick puzzle game where I created high score In every level easily

Amazing game

It's amazing I like it it's easy to play and have nice graphics also it's have fun to play and multiple options for user

Brick classic

Very great fun and addictive brick puzzle game for me. I am enjoyed and entertain while playing it.


Very good game i love this game excellent graphics sounds good job

Block puzzle

It is just an outstanding app that entertaining as well as enjoyable while play it. Great gameplay with outstanding designing the levels.

Super b blocks puzzle game

I love puzzles and blocks puzzles are really amazing and interesting to solve I think these puzzles are famous in every now a days or in their past at least so if any one want to enjoy blocks puzzles solution then he should download this app :-)

Addicted puzzle game

Really it is a amazing block puzzle game, awesome design, addicted and time killer game, this game make me happy, so I recommend every one to download this game and have fun playing this game..

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